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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The pilot in my furnace has gone out.

A: If your furnace has stopped working, shut off the main power and wait for ten seconds. If your furnace has a newer ignition, the main power can be turned off by following the wire that leads out of the furnace all the way to the switch. This generally will reset the ignition,b however, if it is still failing, give us a call.

There are also quite a few modern boilers and furnaces which are self-diagnosing. There are usually instructions on how to read this written in the appliances manual or right on the front cover. If you find out that your appliance is self-diagnosing, DO NOT turn it off to reset it, the code should be interpreted first. If you turn the appliance off, the fault will disappear. Being that a plumber can bring the right replacement part without having to stop by your home first, the code is very helpful in reducing travel time.

Look around your chimney as well as the appliances for any heat marks or rust build up, specifically above the chimney or burner compartments. If it concerns you, take a picture and send it to us or, if you prefer as us to come over. Many times by simply looking at a picture we can tell if it is a concerning problem or not.

If the furnace is an older model with a standing pilot, look for the gas valve and turn it to the position of “pilot” and depress the knob. You can then use a long match or lighter to follow that gas line from the valve to the pilot light while you maintain the knob depressed for thirty seconds. Slowly let up and turn that knob to the gas valve back to the “on” position.

Q: There are noises I have never heard before coming from my furnace.

A: Make sure that your air filter is clean. If it is not, then clean or replace it. Make sure that there is no debris or clutter in the area around your heater. Look over your heaters service records, if, over the last year there has not been a precision tune-up performed on your heating system, give us a call to set up an appointment for that.

Q: Is a precision tune-up important?

A: A cooling or heating unit can run for as long as five thousand hours a year. If they are neglected, not only do you waste fuel but the life of the appliance is shortened, and you can expect breakdowns which are expensive and inconvenient. If your appliances are regularly tuned-up, you will have fewer issues with them, your energy bill will be lower, your systems safer and your warranties will remain valid.