Warning Signs of Drains in the Calgary House That Need Servicing

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Warning Signs of Drains in the Calgary House That Need Servicing

Drains all throughout the house can sometimes get clogged. There are times when you can fix these clogs yourself, and there are times when you need to call on a professional drain cleaning service. Whether your kitchen, bath, tub or washroom has a problem, the drains will often give off various warning signs that they need professional drain cleanings. Here is what to look for:

Toilet Drains Slowly

Toilet drains can clog up with paper towels, wipes and other materials that cannot pass the drain easily. For occasional clogs, you can usually remedy the situation by using a plunger. If the problem returns following your use of the plunger or it starts draining slower or backs up, you need to contact a professional drain cleaner for help.

Kitchen Sinks Back Up

Kitchen sinks get a lot of use. You should be careful not to let grease, coffee grinds or any other debris go down the drain. Even with caution though clogs can occur because of how often these sinks are used every day. You might try to use a drain cleaner on your own for backups, but if this does not help and the clogs continue always contact a drain service.

Sewer Clogs Occur

Sewer drain clogs are not things that you can clean out on your own. The signs they give off are visible and can include seeing solid matter enter a shower stall floor or the bottom of a tub. These things can be health hazards so always contact a professional for drain service immediately if you see any of these signs.

If the toilet starts making gurgles or bubbles come up from the bowl, it is clear that there is a possible sewer line back up. This needs to be handled by the professionals.

Overflowing Drains

Often, in laundry rooms, the drain on the floor will get clogged and cause flooding. If you can, remember to clean out your dryer lint filters thoroughly. Lint is a common cause of floor drain backups. These issues are also something you need a plumbing service to fix for you. The plumbers will usually need to snake the drain to get it back into working order.

Floor drains are also found in some bathrooms and garages. These, too, can be subject to clogs which will result in floods on the floor. As soon as you notice the drain is not letting water out properly, call your local plumber for help. This could be a sign that solid debris is getting into the pipes. The plumber will clean the drain screen and also use a snake to open up the line.

Drains are an important part of your home. If any signs are noted that they are not functioning properly, do your best to resolve the issue. If the problem persists or is connected to floor drains or sewer lines, make sure to contact a professional drain cleaning service in your area to fix the problem, so it does not get worse.

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